Days of Black & White
photographs by David G. Evans back in the days of Tri-X.

Warning: this page is R-rated.

Bob Dylan with The Band, Boston Garden, a long time ago...

Bonnie Raitt on the Boston Common, 1971

Donna (top) and Vikki Waif (okay, Simpson) at Newport, 2002

Pigeon-lover (well, feeder) On the Boston Common some years ago

Liza S., photographed in the Townsend Woods

Eva and me,
Negative Strip 513.5, frames 26-31,
taken in the Arnold Arboretum






Once-upon-a-time rock-and-roll manager,
along with Michael Marcus, as Positively Fourth Street, in Bethleham, PA. Here at a club on West Market Street (Axis?) in the late 60s, with the stage set for, if my memory serves me well, a group called Wight Reign.

Photographs copyright David G. Evans 

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